JULY 22 – JULY 25, 2022


workshop $200
In addition to accommodation fee
July 22-25, 2022

Finding Your Voice.
A blissful chanting and mantra weekend exploring the dynamic benefits from practicing Naad yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and devotional, sacred music. Naad Yoga is vibrating the sound of the cosmos within the mind, Bhakti is devotion–when you follow your voice, you find your heart!

Dive deep into the resonance of Naad Yoga with this Sewall House retreat that includes morning vinyasa flow classes and evening Kundalini classes of chanting and meditation. Touch the bliss of inner waves as you learn to listen to the song your heart yearns to sing. Along with daily yoga sessions, the weekend retreat explores 2 different aspects of vocal expression–activating the chakras of the heart-mind and throat for clear communication and vibrating the energy of your whole being to speak your truth and trust your voice to chant, sing and communicate with clarity and compassion.

Facilitated by yogini and sacred music lover,
Ajeet Khalsa

Friday afternoon/evening arrival

Kundalini Yoga Class at 5:30pm
Light Introduction and Circle

Dinner at 7:15pm

7:30am Silent Meditation
8:00am Vinyasa Flow
9:30am Breakfast

Speaking Your Truth and Finding your voice
Saturday’s workshop will help you to open your voice to find your ‘cosmic sound’ or inner vibrations. It is said that when you chant, the sound of the cosmos can come through you. One “tunes into this sacred energy through meditation, external singing and reciting. During the workshop we’ll chant sacred sounds and learn pranayama techniques that help quell the usual bombardment of your thoughts. As these noises cease, only the ‘unheard sound’, the true voice of the heart, is heard.
Once one experiences this sound, it can help give you confidence to be in companionship with yourself, such that you can speak with strength and courage any time and with anyone.

2:00pm to 3:00pm Afternoon hikes, outings, journaling and free time

3:00pm to 5:00pm Private Vocal Sessions, Massages, Healing Sessions

5:30 Kundalini Chanting to Open the Heart
7:00 Dinner

7:30am Silent Meditation
8:00am Dharma Yoga & Nidra
9:45am Breakfast

2:00pm Lunch

Vocal Expression & The Chakras: Sacred Sounds and Traditional Chanting
After you’ve opened your throat and found your voice, we’ll go on to singing and chanting traditional musical scales. Simple open vocalizations easily help to unlock what is in your heart, so you can find your voice. In open awareness of your sacred sound, known as ‘waja naad’, you touch your true essence thus allowing the wheels of being to vibrate in the chakras where the voice resonates. It’s a lovely feeling to have when all you need to do is listen to the mantra and allow it to vibrate you. Somehow after you’ve chanted, all the problems you thought you had simply disappear and the mind is once again clear. Mantra and chanting on a regular basis can quell deep stress and dissatisfaction.

3:00pm-4:30pm Journaling, hikes,

3:00pm to 5:00pm Free Time

5:30 Dinner/Retreat ends

During the retreat, Ajeet offers private healing sessions for students wishing to go deeper into acceptance and integration, supporting them in clearing and opening up the throat chakra and more.

More traditional information on Naad Yoga:
“Naad” ( Punjabi ਨਾਦੰ ) means “the cosmic sound” or “vibrations of the cosmos”. Gurbani says that: “Sing the Glorious Praises…forever, and the Immaculate Sound-current of the Naad shall vibrate within.” (SGGS p 121) The sound of the Cosmos can resonate within if one “tunes into this energy”. Only by following the rules of nature and realizing the patterns and disciplines of the cosmos, one can find this hidden energy of internal sound. Only through meditation, external singing, and reciting, one hears the bombardment of random noise in the mind. This internal noise that normally overwhelms the mind can be silenced and one can enjoy and hear the “anhad Naad” (“unheard sound”)
To start these internal harmonies one needs to recite melodies with their own voice; the singing of Gurbani kirtan or mantra will invoke the internal symphonies. The Guru tells us: “Repeating the Naam, the Unstruck Sound-current of the Naad resounds.”” (SGGS p 1144) The external melodies resonate and “kick start” the Naad within. Also, Gurbani reminds us to: “Sing the Sweet Ambrosial Praises of the Lord’s Kirtan; day and night, the Sound-current of the Naad will resonate and resound.” (SGGS p 1219) When one engages in the Lord’s praises and sings in remembrance of Him, then the Naad will begin to be heard within.


JULY 22 – JULY 25, 2022

Sewall House
1027 Crystal Road
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