Yoga Transforms at Bhakti Fest 2024


Transformation will be at the heart of this year’s Bhakti Fest, taking place September 27-29 in the majestic setting of Joshua Tree, California. Producer Bella Silberfein explains how the theme “Yoga Transforms” will spark reflection, growth, and positive change for attendees through yoga and the coming together of the community.

“The transformative power of yoga is core to its teachings and something we all experience on our path in big and small ways,” shares Silberfein. “When we carve out time for self-reflection, yoga, and meditation, we open the door to evolution, building emotional strength, resilience, and self-awareness.”

The physical and mental practices of yoga provide us with tools to work through struggles and discomfort with compassion. Asana helps us better understand where we resist and allows us to release limiting patterns. Pranayama teaches us to regulate our energy and be present. Meditation guides us inward to explore our most profound truths.

Silberfein hopes Bhakti Fest provides an uplifting, transformative experience by uniting us in community. “When we come together around our shared love of yoga, music, and sacred wisdom traditions, it creates an energy that inspires and elevates us all. We walk away profoundly changed, creating a ripple effect.”
An incredible lineup of yoga teachers and diverse music performances will provide ample opportunities to reflect on transformation personally and collectively. Through yoga classes, workshops, chanting, and more, attendees can explore letting go of limiting beliefs, finding new purpose, deepening their practice, and positively evolving relationships and society.

The impressive yoga teacher roster connects us to yoga’s roots, with masters like Seane Corn and Janet Stone joining beloved teachers Shiva Rea, Dianne Bondy, and Nina Rao. On the music stages, spiritual artists like Krishna Das and Radhika Das will stir our souls, while fresh acts like Deya Dova and Marieme will entrance us.

Silberfein beautifully sums up the ethos behind this year’s theme: “Yoga transforms not just the body and mind, but our hearts. When our hearts open up through yoga, we lift the world.”