September 8-10, 2023
Baraboo Range, WI


Spotlight Festival: WellFest

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Looking for something to do this Sept? We are thrilled yoga festivals are back and can’t wait to check out all the amazing events taking place around the world. This week we had a chance to connect with Jennifer Smith, Founder of Harvest Moon Yoga Festival in Wisconsin who we are thrilled to partner with! You will be able to get complimentary copies of our magazine at this FREE festival! 

What makes your festival unique?
The community at Harvest Moon Yoga Festival (HMY) is truly what makes this festival so unique. Over the last 5 years of hosting HMY I’ve had the privilege of watching the community grow; my heart swells seeing the interactions, curiosity, generosity, & laughter between one another.  The beautiful natural setting you’re immersed in at the festival helps create the perfect setting for attendees to feel free and safe. I always say that the HMY community is my favorite part of the festival because they are so kind, easy going, and fun. Every year they show up in the most loving way.  It’s magical to witness and be a part of. 

What offering/presenter or class are you most excited about for this year’s event?I enjoy and love all of our offerings at the Festival.  That being said, I am most excited to have Amber Cook come back to HMY Festival. She has been part of the festival since it began, and it is so special to have her presence, skillful instruction, and love at the festival. She comes in from Michigan so it is a treat to be able to take a few classes with her over the weekend.

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Spotlight Festival: WellFest
Spotlight Festival: WellFest