September 27-29th , 2024
Joshua Tree, CA



We are thrilled to partner with Bhakti Fest this year and to celebrate the launch of our JOY issue we asked some of the presenters of this year’s festival to share some thoughts on joy. We are so excited to also share this special offer exclusively for our community.

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“Joy is an inner radiance that shines outwardly when we are aligned with our truth.”

“Embodying collective joy is a cellular power that we have been accessing as long as we have gathered around the fire – the birthplace of the world’s first yoga practices. Now the science of collective gathering and the beneficial effects of movement, chanting, and meditation are catching up to what we have none forever – we long to be together to generate the power of collective joy particularly in challenging times. Bhakti Fest is such a transformative gathering for accessing this love-joy power within us all.”

A festival where we come together to tap into the unifying life-force is a powerful catalyst to experience genuine joy. Real joy, when cultivated, can stand the test of time. It carries us through life’s ups and downs. A festival like this connects us into the great mystery, and thus to each other. From there, a great joy emerges naturally.

“Yoga festivals inspire great joy…even beyond joy…these gatherings inspire bliss!


Because joining together with hundreds or even thousands of other like minded souls, all singing, practicing, dancing, and meditating together creates an undeniable and palpable field of the consciousness of unity and love, where the heart naturally opens and the nectar of joy and bliss arises. Don’t take my words for it, go experience it yourself!”

“Yoga festivals are the current day non-traditional version of a sacred ‘mela’, with the goal to start or deepen one’s individual spiritual life path by coming together and receiving the support of like-minded community in practice. There is tremendous joy in the sharing of the practices that will ultimately lead to the lasting Joy of Real Happiness which is said to be our true nature.”

“Joy for me means balance, and I get balance by being as open and as understanding as possible. When I understand what’s going on and the ways of the universe I’m able to process everything better and life is just pure bliss and full of surrender.”

“Yoga Festivals give us a chance to gather with truth seekers. The collective inspires an expansion of consciousness.”


“Joy to me is seeing the joy on other people’s faces while dancing and allowing me to take them on a musical journey”

“Joy for me is about enjoying the moment, finding happiness in simple things, and sharing those moments with others. It’s about letting go and letting happiness take over, whether I’m laughing, dancing, talking, or just being in nature. Yoga festivals wrap all of this together, making them a perfect source of joy for me.”


“For me it is always important to take intentional time from our busy lives to reconnect and give space to our inner worlds. Yoga is a beautiful and nourishing practice for body and heart, so to take time away from the needs of daily life to let this practice carry you inward is an incredible gift and can give so much. These spaces nourish and inspire so we can go back to our lives with fresh energy and more in tune with the realm within.”

“The feeling of joy for me arises when the grace of surrender happens. From acceptance of what is comes the feeling of peace and then the joyful blooming of life itself.”

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