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Yoga is an amazing practice. It builds strength and flexibility. It relieves stress and calms the mind. It can be a powerful tool for recovery – helping manage or even eliminate physical pain. Yoga is a great addition to any workout regime or as a standalone practice. There is yoga for every body, at every stage of life. The practice of yoga can always meet you right where you are. If you are not sure, let us reassure you – yoga is for you!

Our Mission is to bring this amazing practice of yoga to our beloved community, using the highest quality instructors and offering a wide variety of classes to accommodate the diverse needs of our growing community. Through our class offerings, workshops and teacher trainings, we seek to help our students develop not only physical strength and ease, but clarity of mind and a joyous spirit. Additionally, we strive to hold a safe space where people feel free to explore, learn, laugh, and grow.

Our studio is home to our yoga family (Kula). We value our connection with each other. We strive to embrace each member with open arms and open heart. We look forward to welcoming you and expanding our yoga Kula.

FOUNDER: Christine LaMonica
Yoga changed my life. It helps me slow down, breathe and be present. It is still helping me and changing me after 20 years! As your life evolves, the practice evolves with you. Such a gift to have it in my life!

Prema Yoga

17639 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills, CA 91344
17639 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills, CA

Meet founder of Prema Yoga, Christine

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