August 10-11, 2024
South Lake Tahoe, CA



​Looking for something to do this August? We are thrilled yoga festivals are back and can’t wait to check out all the amazing events taking place around the world. This week we had a chance to connect with Hillary Atalina, Talent Partnerships + Coordinator for Tahoe Yoga Festival taking place in South Lake Tahoe, CA who we are thrilled to partner with! You will be able to get complimentary copies of our magazine at this festival! 

What makes your festival unique?
This year’s OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival holds a special significance as we expand to two days, allowing for an even deeper exploration of wellness, community, and self-discovery. We’re thrilled to offer an extended program featuring a diverse range of yoga classes including SUP Yoga, asana and philosophy workshops, and presentations led by renowned instructors and thought leaders. Among our esteemed presenters, you can look forward to transformative sessions led by Stephanie Snyder, Peter Walters, and Christina Wherry. This year’s musical delights feature the return of Sol Rising alongside new additions to the lineup including local gem, DJ Justin Smaine, infusing the festival with a vibrant mix of beats that will resonate with the spirit of the event.

As a young festival, homegrown in Lake Tahoe, the OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival stands as a testament to the power of community, music, and mindfulness in fostering positive change. You’ll get a sense of our amazing mountain community as we make every effort to highlight not just our local teachers and musicians, but also incorporate local businesses and makers at every level of the festival. Our commitment to inclusivity, authenticity and variety ensures that each attendee can find experiences tailored to their individual journey of growth and self-discovery. Guided by the belief that yoga transcends mats and demographics, we strive to reflect the rich tapestry of humanity by fostering an inclusive environment, aiming to bring people together to celebrate the myriad of ways in which yoga can positively influence lives.

Share with us what you LOVE about your festival location? 

Our festival location in Lake Tahoe holds a special place in our hearts because it’s home but also, because of its serene beauty and natural splendor. Nestled amidst the breathtaking mountains and crystal-clear waters, Lake Tahoe provides a picturesque backdrop that truly enhances the yoga experience. Participants can expect to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature while practicing yoga, fostering a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Additionally, Lake Tahoe offers a wealth of outdoor activities and opportunities for exploration, allowing attendees to extend their wellness journey beyond the yoga mat and into the great outdoors. We hope it inspires a sense of wanting to preserve and enhance sustainability in the region which is also why we are partnering with our friends at Clean Up the Lake so we can educate attendees on our impact not only in Tahoe but around the world.

The theme of our issue this year is JOY, how do yoga festivals inspire JOY?
As creators of the festival, we find immense joy in curating an immersive experience that uplifts and inspires our community. In a world where wellness can often seem distant and exclusive, Jess Broyles, owner of OMNI Tahoe and the driving force behind the festival, is breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes with the 2nd annual OMNI Tahoe Yoga Festival. From the lively energy of group yoga sessions to the sense of camaraderie fostered through shared experiences, yoga festivals offer a unique space for individuals to connect, grow, and find joy in the present moment. Through yoga, music, and community, we believe that our festival can inspire joy in all who attend, fostering a sense of positivity, gratitude, and wellbeing that extends far beyond the event itself.

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