May 11th, 2024
Buffalo, MN


Looking for something to do this month? We are thrilled yoga festivals are back and can’t wait to check out all the amazing events taking place around the world. This week we had a chance to connect with the team behind the brand new MN Yoga Fest launching May 11th!

Joclyn Rainville Kilpatrick: Owner of Willow Soul Yoga (Otsego, St. Michael, MN.)
Amy Miller-Strand: Owner of Rising Phoenix Yoga and Bodywork ( Buffalo, MN.)
Amber Perry: Owner of Sweet Spirit Yoga and Retreats ( Rogers, MN. )
Jennie Ruth : Owner of Jennie Ruth Music and Yoga (Otsego, Foley, MN.)

What makes this year’s festival unique?
This is our very first year of MN YOGA FEST, the idea came about to help bring other Yogis together to gather as a community and share the love of Yoga. We are offering a variety of yoga classes and workshops that include teachers from Minnesota that bring all people together to practice and learn more about Yoga and its vast teachings. There will be a Sound Spa Mediation area to invite relaxation and rejuvenation, small business vendors and healthy food!

Share with us what you LOVE about your festival location? 
MN YOGA FEST will be held at the Howling Moon Weddings and Event Center in Buffalo, MN. Howling Moon offers a one-of-a-kind event space that provides a beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills leading to a vineyard and rustic barn appeal. Located in a rural setting which invites a peaceful ambiance surrounded by nature.

The theme of our issue this year is JOY, how do yoga festivals inspire JOY?
Community Connection: Yoga festivals bring together like-minded individuals passionate about yoga and holistic wellness. The sense of belonging and feeling connected fosters joy as people share their experiences, practice together, and celebrate a common interest.

Spiritual Growth: Yoga festivals feature classes and workshops,  led by teachers which can inspire personal growth, self-discovery and a deeper connection to oneself and others, which can be profoundly joyous experiences.

Celebration of movement: Yoga festivals celebrate movement, mindfulness, and the body’s capabilities. Engaging in yoga practices, dance, and other physical activities can evoke feelings of liberation, vitality, and joy as participants explore new ways of moving and being in their bodies.

Nature: Yoga festivals that are held outside surrounded by nature and being immersed by natural beauty can uplift the spirit and bring joy!

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