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After a trip to the E.R. a decade ago, I was diagnosed with a heart condition, and my doctor explained that the two major culprits were too much stress and too much caffeine (and that they were related).

I was running a company of about 50 employees, and he told me that I needed to limit my caffeine intake to half a cup of coffee per day. Then he suggested green tea, saying it has compounds that extend the absorption of caffeine and that “give you calmness while keeping you alert.”

It had never occurred to me that adding an ingredient (or a few) alongside caffeine would improve its effectiveness and decrease stress…It’s been a wild journey since, and a decade of research into the space of nootropics, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms (and over 100 iterations) later, I’m now sharing this magical little concoction with you.

Scientifically designed to enhance focus and thinking, supports mood and motivation, and create a calm, sustained energy to make every day the most dialed-in you’ve ever been – Magic Mind might just become the best part of your morning ritual.

– James Beshara
Creator & Bestselling Author on Nootropics
Venice Beach, CA




Yoga Purse
Yoga Purse