To celebrate the release of our print issue themed LOVE, we reached out to our amazing community to share with us a few thoughts on love. This week we celebrate Shawandra Ford founder of Brwnskn Yoga and a Memphis and Whitehaven, TN native. Part of Brwnskn Yoga’s mission: “…a holistic space for wellness that operates in underserved schools and communities. Our mission is to make sure that Yoga is accessible for everyone regardless of their socioeconomic background. In addition to providing studio style sessions, BSY has been fortunate to be able to go out into the community and into inner city schools to introduce the practice of yoga and social emotional learning to children and adults of all ages. Most recently, we have expanded our teaching to those who are incarcerated and are seeking reform and rehabilitation.”

Share with us what you love about what you do:
What I love the most about teaching Yoga is watching my clients develop their own practice. Walking into a Yoga Studio for the first time can be intimidating but I am creating safe spaces not only inside of my studio but in underserved communities and schools where they feel comfortable and are allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Just watching them discover their own strength, the power of their breath, and finding stillness within themselves is very humbling. I love practicing with school age children as well. I believe in teaching them the entire 8 limbs of yoga and not just the yoga pose. My mission is to start teaching our childrenYoga at an early age in hopes to make a positive impact on the world.

Share with us what you have learned about LOVE:
Love can not be manufactured. Love is pure genuine authentic energy that flows naturally. There is no pretending. Babies feel it at birth, our pets feel it when we engage with them and when our plants feel nurtured they thrive. Love is also forgiving. There will be times where we fall short, we may have a bad day where our energy is a little off AND that is absolutely okay. We are all human but what matters the most is our intentions. That’s where love comes from, the energy that resides in our spirit.

What inspired you to support Yoga Love Magazine?
I am truly inspired by Yoga Love Magazine because it does not have a face; And because it does not have a face, it takes away all of the preconceived ideas of what people think yoga should look like. Yoga Love is transforming what has been commercialized for years and is acknowledging that Yoga is feasible for everyone regardless of their socio economic background. This magazine is creating space for diversity and for representation to be seen all over the world….AND THAT’S LOVE!