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Spotlight Festival: WellFest

As we prepare for our June 2023 release of our print issue themed LOVE, we reached out to our amazing community to share with us a few thoughts on love. Our feature this week celebrates Janie Larmour

Zen Ki Yoga Founder. Janie has generously created an exclusive discount for our community: 40% off all courses using code: YOGALOVE

Janie launched in January 2012 and was the first online yoga studio in Australia with a growing list of classes to make Zen Ki Yoga accessible to everyone 24/7 anywhere in the world, at any time. In April 2016, the new Zen Ki Yoga® site launched which provides a platform for specific health courses for anyone (no experience needed) and also for Janie’s new teacher training modules so that teachers of ANY style can learn to teach Zen Ki Yoga®. These incredible teacher training courses are extremely comprehensive and leave the participant well trained to teach within each specific module with students from all over Australia, the USA, UK, Europe, Fiji and Africa.

Share with us what you love about what you do:
Doing Zen Ki Yoga, you will actually work individual organs as well as your energy meridians making it very specific in its ability to heal, shape and change the body and mind. Because of this, I love seeing fast results and the emotions and gratitude of students as they feel those changes within each and every class. I love that I am able to travel so far and wide in Australia, the UK and USA teaching because it allows me to touch so many different people and I love the positivity that this yoga creates in those who attend my class. I love that within one class so many people comment that it has released their back pain, hip pain, knee pain etc.  I’ve had people hug me in tears of happiness that they have found the solution to a body pain or health problem they have searched for over years. I love that I’ve found a way to make this yoga (based on Chinese and Japanese medicine) simple to understand and I love teaching that to people.

Share with us what you have learned about LOVE:
I’ve learned that switching to the energy of love in any moment, changes it for the better and aligns you with the universe, improving tense or negative situations. I’ve learned that being in the energy of love helps you attract a positive life and the people you share life with. Love helps you attract what you put out to the universe and protects you in the highest vibration.

What inspired you to support Yoga Love Magazine?
Yoga Love Magazine bravely began as so many magazines close down. I saw it was being created right around the same time as both yoga magazines in Australia folded and I wanted to firstly reach a wider audience and also support a magazine that is supportive of a wide variety of real teachers from all corners of the USA and beyond. The bonus is the incredibly diverse amount of articles from the very first edition.

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Spotlight Festival: WellFest
Spotlight Festival: WellFest