Latinx Community & Wellness

By: Ingrid Baquero


Welcome to our three part series celebrating the Latinx healers, creators and wellness advocates making an impact in our communities. Wellness is multi-dimensional, as it consists beyond the physical, but also mental, spiritual, financial, environmental, and social aspects of our lives. These are the stories of role models making bienestar (wellbeing) una prioridad (priority) for all. 

I recently attended a community run to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. Our guide, Nicole Espinosa, took us through several iconic Hispanic/Latinx landmarks to share the history behind each one. She made a remark que me impacto (made an impact) and inspired this piece.

“There’s a space for everybody, and if it doesn’t exist, create it”. 

It is important to share the stories of Latinx individuals beyond Hispanic Heritage Month, as it inspires others to create their own narratives. This series consists of real stories of inspirational Latinx individuals creating safe spaces for connection, community, and self-care through the power of wellness. Before we kick this off, let’s start with some self-reflection.

How does wellness show up in your life? 
How are you creating spaces of wellbeing for others? 
What does the future of wellness look like? 


Julie Villa

Julie Villa, Sui Yoga Café mama (co-founder)

Ecuadorian, living in New York City
IG: @suiyoganyc

I focus on actively nurturing the Sui Yoga community, cultivating meaningful relationships with students, teachers and team members.

When I started practicing yoga in 2009, day by day, practice after practice, I slowly started to understand what it meant to truly feel healthy. I became motivated to make small changes that I needed in my life. I was fortunate to find a beautiful community at Modo Yoga NYC, which encouraged me to deepen my practice in a safe space surrounded by wonderful humans.

After doing my yoga teaching training with Modo Yoga, many seeds were planted which awakened my desire to dedicate my heart and soul to create a safe space for others to experience connection and transformation. The name Sui comes from sui generis, in Latin, it means ‘one of a kind’; we honor and embrace each person’s unique qualities and accept everyone as they are. After meeting my partner Sven, 4 years ago, we started dreaming together about how we would birth Sui Yoga, by joining our skill sets, intentions, aligning our offerings and practices with many values and philosophy of yoga, Sui Yoga was born. Our focus on community and connection is one of our strongest driving forces. We envision to continue growing our community and contribute to the creation of more conscious wellness spaces around the world.

Our team and students are a beautifully diverse group of humans, many are latin people. I love and appreciate how much Spanish is spoken around the studio. We have become a chosen family and we have the opportunity to create wonderful memories everyday on and off the yoga mat. Some people came to discover yoga for the first time, seeing them come back again and again is a very fulfilling feeling.In the near future, we will offer yoga in Spanish. It is one exciting project to work on, the intention is to bring more awareness and accessibility to people that either may not speak English fluently, or to people who simply enjoy the Spanish language. We are also working on supporting ways that make yoga and wellness as accessible as possible to our latinx community in NY.

About Ingrid Baquero: Ingrid envisions an inclusive, joyful world, inspiring her community through the power of well-being.As a Colombian-American, and Queens, New York native it is an honor to serve the people of Queens through yoga, running and mindfulness. She is a dedicated runner, wellness program curator, community leader and dance and music aficionada.Outside, catch Ingrid on the run. She co-leads a 5k community social run within the Astoria/LIC area. All bodies and paces welcomed. Right now, Ingrid is dedicated to her wellness work, passion project: SOL YOGA PROJECT, and volunteer work with Yoga Love Magazine

If you have a story to share or know someone you’d like to celebrate reach out to us for a Latinx in Wellness: