Discovering Your Luminous Self with Tracee Stanley

By: Stephanie Jade Wong


I sit indoors on a rainy day, safe from the elements, enjoying bestselling author Tracee Stanley’s new book, “The Luminous Self.” I exhale and down a refreshing glass of ice water, trying to relax in the northeast humidity. Instrumental music plays lightly in the background, as I type into my notes app—a blank canvas ready for new thoughts to appear. And Tracee wasn’t lying when she recommended having a notebook or notes app open while you’re reading!

This book came to me at the perfect time. You see, there were moments of my life where yoga appeared daily, and others where my yoga practice was non-existent for years. Yet my body, mind, and soul turned back to yoga whenever I sought it. When I wanted to learn more about myself. When I wanted to learn more about the universe. If you, like me, are struggling to get back into your yoga practice, then perhaps picking up this book is a great first step.

You’re hooked from the beginning just from Tracee’s personal story. Relatable language and exercises that are easy to get into really help you get in touch with yourself for some grounding or me-time to self-reflect. 

“How are you abandoning your Self to fit in?”

This is a question Tracee mentioned in the book that made me pause. There are so many similar moments that allow you to truly hone in on certain aspects of yourself and your life.

Getting in tune with yourself and whatever you’re working on in this season of your life is difficult, and while I can’t promise you that all your concerns will be solved after reading this book and completing all the exercises, you will be more connected to yourself as you continue to grow.

We had the opportunity to chat with Tracee about this magical book she’s sharing with the world this fall:

Yoga Love Magazine: Why is self-remembrance so important?
Tracee Stanley: Self-remembrance is essential because it holds the seed of light, the inner guidance we need to support us through life. So often, we are guided by the external influences of mainstream culture, trends, and what others want us to do and be. We begin to conform and shape ourselves to fit into the box of those external pressures and forget who we truly are. When we finally have a moment of insight or inspiration to follow our truth, we can feel like an impostor because we have been separated from our knowing for so long. Practices of self-remembrance lead us to our birthright to reclaim our inherent beauty, worthiness, and wholeness. 


What inspired you to share your knowledge through this book?
I have been a student of yoga for over 28 years and teaching for 23 years. I have been fortunate to study and receive teachings and practices that have helped me to navigate the ebbs and flows with presence and resilience. 

During the height of the pandemic, I observed that some people felt their yoga practices were not supportive enough during such a turbulent time. They needed the kind of practices that were not easily accessible in commercial Western yoga classes. It felt important for me to gather the most potent practices of transformation that I had been gifted in a way that was accessible and relatable. I wanted to move away from the masculine energy of gatekeeping and share the healing practices needed for our times.

Did you discover anything new about your Self as you wrote this book? 
Because I share so many personal stories in the book to help support the understanding of the philosophy, I found myself in a place of deep remembrance and gratitude for having these practices pull me through the hard times and support me as I continue to grow and expand. Any time I am in remembrance, I feel connected, loved, and whole. 

What rituals do you have that are part of your daily routine that are healing for you? 
My rituals are abhyanga, mantra, yoga nidra, daily connection with nature, meditation, and dream work. I weave rituals throughout the day. I view life as a sacred ritual, so by creating a tapestry of life and ritual, even the mundane becomes sacred, and every action becomes life-affirming and sustaining. 

You took what was once a symbol of shame for you (an egg) and turned it into a symbol of power instead. Can you elaborate a little about how you made that massive transition into reclaiming your power from a traumatic experience?
You really will have to read the book to understand how that happened. However, the understanding that our wounds and discomforts are portals to our healing and expansion was the first step on my journey.

What inspires you? 
I am inspired by nature—her resiliency, fierceness, unconditional holding, and how she thrives in biodiversity and community. We have a lot to learn from the natural world around us. 

How do you currently answer the question, “Who am I?” 
I am pure, light, awareness. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Yoga Love Magazine community?  
Please remember to cherish yourself. You are worthy.  

As I completed this book, the rain had settled and the sun started shining through the dark rain clouds, pushing them further and further away. What a light this book is in the dark times we face internally and perhaps also within our communities.

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