Festival Spotlight: AWAKE Festival

By iana velez



AWAKE Festival - group shot on stage
Sept 16th
2932 Evergreen Parkway,
Evergreen, CO 80439

Your name and role in the festival
Erik Vienneau, AWAKE Festival Founder

What inspired you to create a festival?

Every morning people get up, they just want to be happy and feel good inside and AWAKE is all about helping them find the teachers, practices and paths to this true, peaceful wellness.”

What makes your festival unique?

As the western-medical system implodes on itself the wellness world is picking up the pieces. They say, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” I looked up meek and it doesn’t mean weak – it means humble. We, humble, warriors of holistic health are leading the shift to medicine/practices that heal. Out with “sick care,” and IN with true “health care.” AWAKE is dedicated to exposing folks to the most beloved teachers and businesses in the wellness field so they can heal and thrive.

What offering/presenter or class are you most excited about for this year’s event?

Tough question! With 50+ talks/workshops it’s hard to choose. I’ll have to say the Ecstatic Dance we offer on Saturday night after the kirtan. We have two DJs – Solomoon and SunDragon led by Ahva Lenay of Rhythm Sanctuary out of Denver. What’s better than a day of practice ending in completely free and in love with your inner Self and commUNITY? 


AWAKE Festival - Cacoa Ceremony
AWAKE Festival - Ananda Dancing